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Should I Prepay?

Once again each person's individual circumstances and other factors will influence this decision but there are a number of advantages to prepayment that you should consider.

Guaranteed cost: when you fully fund preplanned arrangements we guarantee the cost of the designated services and merchandise at today's prices. You will be protected from the effects of inflation on funeral costs over time. There are related services such as newspaper notices for which we cannot guarantee costs because they are not provided by us. Our Counsellors, however, are skilled at helping you to estimate these expenditures and to make allowances for them in your funding arrangements.

Family security: with funding in place and your costs guaranteed there will be no charge to your family or your estate for the plans you've made at the time they are carried out. People tell us that they like knowing that their families won't face both a loss and an unexpected financial burden at the same time.

Estate planning: people often choose to preplan and prepay in the years leading up to their retirement. Typically, it is at this point in our lives that we are in our prime earning years and have the most expendable income. For many this is both the easiest time to manage the expense and, by locking in the cost, an opportunity to remove an unpredictable future expense from their financial planning requirements.

Budgeting: our preplanning program offers a payment plan option that allows most people to both pay the cost over a variable period of time and take advantage of the cost guarantees discussed above. See our Payment Options section for details.

Why preplan?

Prepayment Options