Information For Genealogical Researchers

Funeral Homes frequently receive requests for information relating to genealogical research. Both privacy restrictions and the time required to respond to these inquiries limit our ability to assist directly but there are a number of resources that we often direct people to. We hope you find them helpful.


The obituary archive (under construction)within this website contains more than 15 years of death notices from our three locations. We do caution that these notices are the property of the families or estates of the deceased and so, while you are welcome to access them and use them for personal research, the mass collection, reproduction, distribution, or publication of these records without permission is prohibited.

Brenan's Records In The New Brunswick Provincial Archives

A large collection of early Brenan's records has been donated to the New Brunswick Provincial Archives where they have been digitized and are available for study online.

Acquiring Death Certificates from the Province of New Brunswick
​Vital Statistics Branch

The Province of New Brunswick Vital Statistics Branch will provide copies of Death Certificates to eligible individuals for a fee. Find the details here: